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Lower Antelope Canyon will be Closed

January 13, 2019 – January 26, 2019

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We offer a Deluxe Tour which we have designed to give you a personal experience inside of Lower Antelope. While you accompany us on this tour one of our more seasoned tour guides will guide you, share our history and stories.

This tour duration will be flexible enough to match the pace of your group anywhere from 50 minutes to a hour and 15 minutes. We do limit this tour to  4 people maximum per guide.

Deluxe Tours will run along side the General guided tour.  All Rules from the General Guided Tour still apply to the Deluxe Tour.

You’ll be directed to a private waiting area. You’ll get to meet your guide and watch our short film about Lower Antelope Canyon.

 Custom Gift and Complimentary water.

* Kindly note this tour does not take place of Photo Tours or Private Tours.

* There is a 50.00 service fee per reservation.

*There are no Infants Allowed on this tour unless purchasing all 6 seats.





Price for 1 minute

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$ 92.80

per person

 Admission $80.00

Navajo Park Permit $8.00

Navajo Sales Tax 6%

$50.00 Service Fee and a 6% processing fee will be added at the time of  booking

Totally blown away with my experience of the Deluxe Lower Canyon tour. I want to go back and take the same tour over and over. Completely breathtaking views. Jason S, our guide was remarkable. He was so informative and made sure everyone’s cameras and phones were at the best settings to capture the light off the walls. He also pointed out unique characteristics and helped us set the right angle to take pictures. Sometimes he would take the picture if a person was incapable of getting into the best possible position. Memories to last a lifetime. A must see to believe.

Cheryl K , TripAdvisor

Loved every minute, took deluxe tour and was worth every penny, not only history of canyon but Navajo culture and history, would highly reccomend and ask for Shane, he is the best, definitely made our trip!

Majetta1969, TripAdvisor
VanTour Guide
“Tour sizes are small so each tour feels more intimate. Our guide (Van) helped us all get the best pictures possible!” -KELSEY B Google Reviews
SylvanTour Guide
“Our guide Sylvan was excellent. He showed us the best place to take photos, explained the Navajo beliefs, and we did not feel rushed. Our experience was excellent.” -JULIE R Tripadvisor
RocTour Guide
“Roc was a great guide. His knowledge of the canyon, photography and patience in leading us through this beautiful work of nature made for a great experience…” -JERRYG448 Tripadvisor
ZachTour Guide
“Our guide was Zach. Zach was very professional, took his responsibility serious, but made the tour fun and informative. He told many facts about the canyon, took pics of families with their phones and was just overall a very good host. Highly recommend this tour.” -SHERRY T Tripadvisor
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