1 (One) Hour and 20 minutes. You have one hour directly in the canyon, but there is 10-15 minute walk to the canyon Entrance, then less than 5 minute walk back to the parking lot.
No, Tribal law requires that ALL people be guided down. People have been caught vandalizing the canyon (writing and climbing the canyon walls). To discourage this, everyone must go down with a guide. I am sorry, but we no longer do Photo Pass, EVERYONE goes down with a guide now.
Since we are located next to the canyon site, we do not have a physical address. Please follow the directions given. Go 2 miles East of Page AZ on highway 98. On the north side of the Hwy you will see a road, Antelope Point Rd. (N22B). The entrance to Upper Antelope Canyon is on the South side of the Hwy (directly across).  Take Antelope Point Rd ¼ mile and on the left hand side you will see our building with a big sign that reads “Ken’s Tour”. There is a Gravel Rd that leads to the building.
No, the road is gravel and many of our visitors travel by car to our area.
No, we are a hiking tour. You walk to the entrance of the canyon. Walk through the canyon and walk back to the parking lot when you are done.
No, sorry for the inconvenience. We don’t allow any special use equipment.
Yes, it is a point and shoot atmosphere. We do not allow GoPros.
Yes, many of our guest have been children of all ages. We just stress to the parents to watch them very closely. If you have baby, we recommend the parents come with a marsupial carrier (Front Carrier). The back pack carriers are not recommended as it is a tight fit in some places and parents have been known to accidently hit the child against the canyon wall. So Marsupial carrier will help eliminate any accident.
Yes, they are. The ladders are bolted to the canyon walls and we adhere to OSHA and Navajo Safety inspections.
The canyon is Narrow at some sections and uneven paths throughout the canyon. We have 3 different 25ft step ladders (with hand rails) in the canyon. The entrance is a 3 story stair-well that goes into the canyon. We do not recommend the hike if you are scared of heights or enclosed spaces.
The canyon is photogenic throughout the whole day, as we get more light throughout the day. So there is no bad time to get into the canyon. We don’t offer peak times or prime times, it’s the same price throughout the day. Popular Times are from 9am – 3pm.
No, I am sorry, we  operate separately from Upper Antelope Canyon. Please call for reservation for Upper Antelope Canyon, as they all have different packages and rates. See list below.
No I am sorry, due to the wide range of people that go into the canyon, we do not allow pets into the canyon.

No, we don’t allow service dogs inside of the canyon.

We do not recommend the canyon if you have health problems. The canyon is pretty strenuous, so please be aware of the high activity that is involved with touring into the canyon.
No, the parking is free. We have a large parking lot to accommodate RVs, Busses, and trailers.
Can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the company you have chosen to go with.
No, Upper Antelope is 3 miles away from our canyon and is formed above ground into a ridge (with a A-shape frame). For Lower, it is below ground and is about 2 times the length than upper (with a V-shape frame).
I am sorry, but we are not license to do transportation from Page or the surrounding area. We recommend calling POWELL SHUTTLE  (928-693-0007).
No. All entrances into Lower Antelope Canyon are with a certified tour guide ONLY.

Sorry, Lower Antelope Canyon Can NOT be video recored. We use to allow you to take pictures only but many have took advantage and recored. You are more than welcome to bring your Cell Phone, DSLR, or SLR.

Please respect Navajo Culture and Do Not spread ashes in the Canyon. Thank you!

  • Antelope Canyon Tours (928) 645-9102
  • Antelope Slot Canyon Tours (928) 645-5594
  • Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours (435) 275-4594