Deluxe Tour Coordinator

Oversees and coordinates the daily schedule of deluxe tours to ensure the smooth operations of the business on a given shift. Acts as liaison between deluxe tour guides and customers to foster a welcoming atmosphere and setting the tone for the tours.

  1. Schedule deluxe guides for tour time rotation
  2. Ensure tour groups are no more than 4 people per guide
  3. Personally meet guests, escort them to waiting room, give tour presentation
  4. Ensure tour groups are leaving on time
  5. Schedule tour guide assignments throughout the day (cleaning, other duties)
  6. Respond to issues regarding customer complaints; customer service
  7. Work with the deluxe tour guides, greeter, and fee booth to minimize tour delays and back-up
  8. Other duties as assigned

Minimum Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED but prefer Associates Degree with a focus on business; at least 2 years of experience directly related to the duties and responsibilities specified.

CPR/1stAide Certification


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Knowledge of customer service and service recovery principles and/or procedures;
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to analyze and solve problems.
  • Ability to foster teamwork and foster a cooperative work environment
  • Ability to multi-task

Working Conditions and Physical Effort

  • Moderate physical activity. Requires handling of average-weight objects up to 25 pounds or standing and/or walking for more than four (4) hours per day.
  • No or very limited exposure to physical risk.

Position: Deluxe Tour Coordinator

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Employment Type
Tour Coordinator / Instructor
Job Location
1/4 mile North Antelope Point Rd, N22B, 86040, Page
Working Hours
5 - 10 Hours a day depending on the Season
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