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Ken's Tours offers several options for tours in Lower Antelope Canyon. These tours have different options to meet specific needs and wants, including general tours, photo tours, and deluxe tours.

Visitors interested in experiencing the unique beauty of Lower Antelope Canyon can find guided tours led by guides who are knowledgeable about the area's history and stories.

Lower Antelope Canyon's views are always changing thanks to sunlight interacting with stone walls. You'll experience a captivating display of color and light no matter your tour time.

With a diverse range of tour options, Ken's Tours ensures that all visitors can enjoy an immersive and unforgettable experience in this stunning natural wonder.


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LOWER Antelope Canyon

Our goal is to offer a unique and personal experience within Lower Antelope Canyon, where knowledgeable guides provide historical insights and stories, attracting photographers, tourists, and visitors worldwide.

The canyon’s view transforms as sunlight filters through, creating a breathtaking interplay of colors, light, and shadows on its stone walls. Every time you visit, you’ll see something more mesmerizing! 

Known as Hasdeztwazi or “Spiral Rock Arches” in Navajo, Lower Antelope Canyon was formed over millions of years by water and wind, resulting in its stunning textures and shapes that we see today.

With offerings like general tours, photo tours, and deluxe tours, Ken’s Tours ensures a comprehensive exploration of this natural wonder. 

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General Tour

Take a guided tour through Lower Antelope Canyon. Learn about the geology, history, and culture of the Navajo people who live near the canyon.

Deluxe Tour

Enjoy a guided tour learning about the geology, history of Lower Antelope Canyon, and hear about the culture of local Navajo people.

Combination Package

Choose from the half-day, full-day, or 2-day bundle. A Half day could include a guided walking tour through Lower Antelope Canyon operated by Ken's Tours.

What Others Have To Say

Karolina S
Karolina S
Great your guide and amazing canyon Antelope Canyon is a must!!! Spectacular views. I took 200 photos 😂 We selected prime time and that was great idea. Sun was falling into the canyon and we took great photos. We had amazing tour guide (Dillan) who helped us with phone settings, so that our photos are brilliant. He was really engaged and told us lots of interesting stories. Best tour guide ever!
Raidel M
Raidel M
Antelope Canyon a must see Lower Antelope Cayon is a must see when in this area or making a day trip from Sedona. Ken’s tours were awesome especially our tour guide Lamar( which you can ask for when checking in ) he was what made our trip so much better, every so often we would stop and take pictures. This canyon is magical in so many ways. A definite recommend.
Mara S
Mara S
Lower antelope trip Vans T is the best tour guide, took are best panoramic pics, memories of a life time, we all have fun, thanks for touring us
So beautiful We had a wonderful time. Our guide was informative and friendly and she showed us how to take great photos. Highly recommend .
Gorgeous sandstone canyon tour Our Lower Antelope Canyon Tour was awesome! We really enjoyed Lennox, our guide, who was knowledgeable, fun and friendly, had great camera skills and was very quick to point out the best locations and angles and camera functions to enhance our photos. We also had a lovely flute performance -with great slot canyon acoustics! Definitely a grand slam of a tour.
himadri sekhar m
himadri sekhar m
Please avoid the guide Justin We took the lower antelope canyon tour on Jan 14. Our guide was Justin and he was very rude with us for no fault of us. He told us he would throw us out of the tour because we were delaying while the truth which he knew very well was that there were people ahead of us were taking photos and that led to the delay. I would never recommend this tour guide tour agency to anyone.
Matthias C
Matthias C
Great Grand Canyon Tour!!! Amazing tour that I would 100% recommend if you get the chance. Ask for Justin Bartz if you can. He was an amazing tour guide that truly went over and beyond to give us the best experience possible! Really appreciate what he did for us and the way that he organized the tour. Had a lot of fun and made memories that I won’t ever forget!
Sheila V
Sheila V
Magnificent canyon!! Our guide took many of family pics- all pics came out great! The lower antaloupe canyon is really magnificent and gorgeous! Thank you for allowing us make family memories there!
Thanh H
Thanh H
Deluxe tour 👍🏻 Jessica, our tour guide was awesome! She was very sweet, informative, and great at taking pictures of the lower antelope. Definitely recommend the Deluxe tour to anyone!
Lower Antelope Canyon Tour Antelope Canyon has been on my list for quite awhile and it didn’t disappoint. We booked the 9:00 time slot (the 11 was sold out). We actually enjoyed being the first tour of the day. Our guide was Keanu and he was great. Helped with the setting on our iPhones before we entered the canyon and we got incredible pictures. Not to mention he took some for us too! An added plus was he played his Native American flute which sounded beautiful. He was kind enough to play it again when our tour was done so we could tape it (no taping allowed in the canyon) and compare how the tone of the instrument changed outside the canyon.

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