Price for 1 minute

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$ 92.80

per person

 Admission $80.00

Navajo Park Permit $8.00

Navajo Sales Tax 6%

$50.00 Service Fee and a 6% processing fee will be added at the time of  booking

Reserve a Deluxe Tour

We offer a Deluxe Tour which we have designed to give you a personal experience inside of Lower Antelope. While you accompany us on this tour one of our more seasoned tour guides will guide you, share our history and stories. This tour duration will be flexible enough to match the pace of your group anywhere from 50 minutes to a hour and 15 minutes.


Tours run every 30 minutes. Tours are approximately 1 hour in duration; may vary from from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Lower Antelope Canyon is an all walking tour, there is no transportation during this tour. Round trip is 1 mile.  You enter through the entrance and exit right by our main building. You must stay with your tour guide throughout the entire canyon.

Group Count

We do limit this tour to  4 people maximum per guide.

About the Tour

Deluxe Tours will run along side the General guided tour.  All Rules from the General Guided Tour still apply to the Deluxe Tour.

You’ll be directed to a private waiting area. You’ll get to meet your guide and watch our short film about Lower Antelope Canyon.

 Custom Gift and Complimentary water.

Additional Information

Kindly note this tour does not take place of Photo Tours or Private Tours.

There is a 50.00 service fee per reservation.

There are no Infants Allowed on this tour unless purchasing all 4 seats.

Check In

You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your tour. 

You have Express Check in. Check in will be Inside at the Front Desk

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund you must Cancel your tour 72 hours prior to the tour time. 


We had Kordell on the “Deluxe Tour” and we were so happy. The canyon was beautiful and he showed us where all the best pictures were. He should be a professional photographer!!

CLarabee2, TripAdvisor

Roc was the best tour guide who took us on this most AMAZING tour of Antelope Valley Canyon. It was worth the extra bucks and we took the most beautiful pictures of one of nature’s greatest creation. ROC thank you!!!!

EyeSoar, TripAdvisor