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Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

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per adult

Admission $40.00

Navajo Park Permit $8.00

Navajo Sales Tax 6%

There will be a 6% processing fee per reservation

CHILD 8-12


per child

Admission $20.00

Navajo Park Permit $8.00

Navajo Sales Tax 6%

There will be a 6% processing fee per reservation




You must include your infant on your reservation.

Reserve a General Tour


Tours run every 30 minutes. Tours are approximately 1 hour in duration; may vary from from 40 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Lower Antelope Canyon is an all walking tour, there is no transportation during this tour. Round trip is 1 mile.  You enter through the entrance and exit right by our main building. You must stay with your tour guide throughout the entire canyon.

Nature of the Tour

The canyon trail is a bit rigorous and long, with low hanging rocks, narrow passageways, and narrow and steep ladders. It is recommended that if you get short winded (we are above 4,000 elevation, so please be advise for shortness of breath for those that live at sea-level), have knee or hip joint problems or heart problems to please advise your physician before trying to hike the canyon. Lower Antelope Canyon is an all hiking tour. The terrain of the hike includes deep sand, loose rocks & gravel, on uneven ground. This could cause you to loose your footing and fall. For these reasons this tour is Prohibited to people with limited movement capabilities.  

Additional Information

You are more than welcome to take pictures on this tour. We don’t allow GoPros, tripods, or monopods on the tour. One camera limited per person. Lower Antelope Canyon offers great lighting all day long. The canyon runs north to south, as the sun moves across the sky, different parts of the canyon gets highlighted. No matter when you visit Lower Antelope Canyon it will be spectacular.

Pregnant Women are HIGHLY discouraged due to the strenuous nature of the tour.

Strollers and Wheel based devices will not be allowed on the tour. 

Infants and Toddlers

If your child cannot walk during the tour. It is required that you carry your child in a front chest carrier or a back pack carrier.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page for more Information.

Lower Antelope Canyon